Ruth Sigmon Memorial Lutheran Hospital

"Healing Through Christ"



              RSMLH is housed in a bungalow which was used as a residence for the founding missionaries of the Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church (AELC) in Guntur. The building is sited in the Heyer Hall compound of the AELC  right in the heart of Guntur city.  The tree filled campus is very peaceful and serene and is a conducive atmosphere for healing of the body and soul. This old but sturdy building has large rooms, toilets and other facilities which are adequate to establish a comprehensive 20 bedded hospital. After repairs and some alterations and ensuring amenities like water and electricity, the hospital has been furnished with necessary furniture like tables, chairs, benches, cots, screens etc.

It is our aim to add a few single occupancy rooms for the convenience of the patients. We hope to make this into a 20 bedded hospital with all the primary health care facilities like Maternal and Child Health, Family Medicine and Ophthalmology.   

Facilities available in RSMLH: 

Prayer Hall: 

Out Patient Services: 

In Patient Services: 

Obstetrics and Gynaecology:

Labour Room: 

 Operation Theatre :


Ultrasound and ECG :




 Pharmacy :