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Dr. Samson Sanjeeva Rao : 



B.Sc.,Bachelors Degree in Science. Chemistry (main) with Botany and Zoology ancillaries. Nagarjuna University , Andhra Christian College , Guntur . Duration 1979 – 1982

MBBS, Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore University , Bangalore . Duration 1982 – 1988

MD, Community Medicine, Christian Medical College , Vellore , Dr.M.G.R.Medical University , Duration 1993 – 1996



2014 July to date – Professor in Community Medicine, NRI Medical College, Chinakakani, Guntur Dt. Andhra Pradesh

2011 January – to 2014 June – Associate Professor in Community Medicine, NRI Medical College, Chinakakani, Guntur Dt. Andhra Pradesh

 2008 – Jan 2011 - Assistant Professor in Community Medicine, NRI Medical College, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh State, India.

 2004 – 2008    Programme Manager, Primary Health Care Projects under the Tulsi Chanrai Foundation - Nigeria in Kaduna , Imo, Oyo and Osun    States  of Nigeria . 

 2001 Jan – 2003 December -    Assistant Professor in Community Medicine, ASRAM Medical College, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh State, India.

 1997 – 2000    Medical Officer at the Church of South India, Rayalaseema Diocese (CSI RD), Arogyavaram Medical Center (erstwhile Union Mission Tuberculosis Sanatorium). Promoted and transferred as Medical Superintendent of the CSI RD , Mary Lott Lyles Hospital , Madanapalle.

 1992 – 97        Junior Clinical Assistant in CHAD (Community Health and Development) Department of CMC, Vellore for 1 year followed by 3 years as Post Graduate Registrar. Continued in same Department as Clinical Assistant (Jr. Lecturer) for 1 year.

1990 – 92        Medical Officer in Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church Mission, Lutheran General Hospital at Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India for 1 year followed by 1 year as Medical Officer in Charge at the Lutheran Vishranthipuram Community Health Center , Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh.        


1989 – 90        Senior House Surgeon in the Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore , Tamilnadu Sate , India 

Total years of experience after MBBS: 20 years

Christian Medical College , Vellore : 6 years

Mission Hospitals in Southern India : 9 years

Primary Health Care Projects in Nigeria : 4 1/2 years

NRI Medical College , Guntur , India : 6 years


Skills in Community Medicine

- Community diagnosis and writing proposal for establishing Primary Health Care facilities in rural or urban communities.

- Selection, curriculum design and training of local community Health Volunteers with follow-up on the job training and supportive supervision.

- Organizing maternal and child health services using governmental resources ( especially for immunization and antenatal care)

- Establishing a Primary Health Care center with appropriate referral system.

- Organizing specific disease control Programmes Like Tuberculosis with special emphasis on default cases.

- Evaluation of health and development projects

- Coordinating HIV/AIDS Guidance and Counseling Centers.

- Running nutrition projects in villages for children

- Organizing and conducting health camps in the neighboring villages and towns.

- Organizing and conducting health education programs in the community.

- Conducting community medicine classes and clinics for nursing students and members from local NGOs.

- Training of health personnel of local NGOs.


Clinical Skills:

- Running a base hospital with beds for Obstetric (200 deliveries per month), Pediatric and General Medical Out patient and in-patient services. First Referral Unit (FRU) level curative work.

- Family Planning work including Tubectomy surgeries.

- Working with Government agencies in Primary Health Care, Leprosy, TB, HIV and Malaria.

- Primary Research work and guiding medical students and interns in research.


Health Management Skills

- Working with communities to identify health needs, identifying sites for establishment of Health Clinics and mobilizing community resources.

- Working as a link between Federal, State, Local governments and beneficiary communities.

- Selection, training and follow up of Health Attendants to run Health Clinics in Villages.

- Organizing a Referral System

- Organizing and monitoring a community based Health Management Information System.

- Management of the Programme Personnel and Materials

- Financial management of Projects and budgeting 

- Weekly, monthly and annual report submission, planning and evaluation.



1. Preparing Syllabus and training of Community health Volunteers and workers at all positions held.

2. Teaching Clinical examination skills to M.Sc, nursing Students at CMC, Vellore .

3. Teaching Community medicine to Medical, BSc. Nursing, Pharmacy, physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Hospital Administration and MSc. Epidemiology students at CMC, Vellore .

4. Teaching Community medicine to Diploma Nursing students at MLL Hospital , Madanapalle.

5. Teaching Basic health sciences to Diploma Radiography students at Arogyavaram Medical Center .

6. Teaching Community Based rehabilitation workers at training and research center in rehabilitation at Arogyavaram.

7. Training Basic health care (Health Attendants) workers in Primary Health Care in Nigeria .

8.   Teaching Community Medicine and other related subjects  to Medical students, MBA Hospital Administration and BSc Medical Lab Technology students at the NRI Medical College , Guntur .



1.Sanitation for Rural Communities: First win the people support. Samson Rao, Madhukar Pai. A.Iyanar, Abraham Joseph. World Health Forum Vol 18, 1997: 262-264

2.  Investigation of an Epidemic of Diarrhea in Madhuranthakam town of Tamilnadu (used as a training module for Medical Students at CMC Vellore and in other training programmes).

3.  Using Qualitative Methods in understanding peoples perception of Tuberculosis disease and ite treatment (Part of MD Dissertation)

4. Factors influencing compliance to tuberculosis chemotherapy (part of MD Dissertation)

5. Mortality and perceived health status of TB patients – A Follow up study in the District TB center of NAA District ( Part of MD Dissertation)

6.  Psychological and counseling concerns – Growth and Development in Children. Psychological and Physiological characteristics of Social Victims. Christian education for Social Victims. Department of Christian Education, Church of South India Synod. Pp 49 – 53

7.  Community Health and Disability. Paper presented at the Consultation on Community Based rehabilitation at the CCCYC, Bangalore , June 2001.



· Primary Health Care and Management Training Programme. International 3 week programme for senior level health care mangers at CHAD , CMC, Vellore .

· Community Based Medical Education, WHO workshop for 1 week at CHAD , CMC, Vellore .

· Church of South India, 26th SYNOD at Arogyavaram.

· Christian Medical Association of India , Andhra Pradesh Regional Conference 1998 at Arogyavaram Medical Center , Arogyavaram.



·   Training programme in research methods at Epidemiology Research center, CHAD , CMC.

·  Environmental Sanitation and Water Hygiene, UNICEF sponsored workshop at Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI) at Hyderabad

·  Training Programme on Participatory Rural Appraisals by Ms. Susan Rifkin at CHAD , CMC, Vellore in March 1997. Sponsored by British Council.

·  Consultation on School Health Programme organized by the CMAI at Arogyavaram Medical Center .

·  National Consultation on Christian Education for Social Victims at CSI center at Chennai. Conducted by the Department of Christian Education, Church of South India Synod, March 1999.

· Workshop on conducting inspections in Schools of Nursing, CMAI Board of Nursing Education, South India Branch. (as resource person)

· ICASA 2005 at International Conference Center , Abuja , Nigeria in December 2005.

· PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission) TOT Training for Satellite sites conducted by Harvard-PEPFAR (APIN-PLUS), College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, 15th-19th October 2007



· Preparation of Report of DANIDA Work in India and Future Prospects for funding. CMC Vellore . With Dr.Abraham Joseph and CMAI.

· Evaluation of DANIDA Health Care Work in South Arcot District of Tamilnadu with staff of CHAD , CMC, Vellore .

· Evaluation of Ashakiran Hospital and community outreach work, Lamtaput, Koraput District, Orissa.

· Student evaluation using OSCE and OSPE methods.



  1. Samson Sanjeeva Rao Nallapu, Bharani Krishna Y. Appraisal of responsiveness concerning two epidemiologically discrete diseases among rural and urban families of Guntur District. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences, 2012, 23 (20). ISSN NO 2230 – 7885 CODEN JPBSCT NLM Title - J Pharm Biomed  Sci. Research Article - Available online at


  1. Bharani Krishna Yeleswarapu, Samson Sanjeeva Rao Nallapu. A Comparative Study on the Nutritional Status of the Pre-School Children of the Employed Women and the Unemployed Women in the Urban Slums of Guntur. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, 2012.
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  1. Aswani Patchala, Samson Sanjeeva Rao Nallapu, Evaluation of MCH activities of ASHA in a PHC in Guntur district.  Indian Journal of Maternal and Child Health, Paper accepted for publication. 15/12/2013


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  1. Samson Sanjeeva Rao Nallapu, Krishna Y. Bharani, Perceptions of Medical Students about Community Medicine as a Subject in Medical Course in a South Indian Medical College. Department of Community Medicine, NRI Medical College, Chinakakani, Guntur - 522503, Andhra Pradesh, India. Online published on 15 January, 2013 Journal of Research in Medical Education & Ethics, Year : 2012, Volume : 2, Issue : 3, First page : ( 234) Last page : ( 241) , Print ISSN : 2231-671X. Online ISSN: 2231-6728. Article DOI : 10.5958/j.2231-671X.2.3.043

Older publications


1.       Sanitation for Rural Communities: First win the people support. Samson Rao, Madhukar Pai. A.Iyanar, Abraham Joseph. World Health Forum Vol 18, 1997: 262-264



Other Articles

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  1. (2013,02). Statistics and Stress in Medicos. Retrieved 02, 2013, from




Dr. Patricia Christina Balla:                                                                                                                   


EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS                              

MBBS, Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore, Dr.M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai. Duration: 1984 – 1988.

Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics (DGO) Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore. Dr.M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai. Duration: 1992 – 1994.

MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore. Dr.M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai. Duration: 1994 – 1997.









Internship 1989 - 1990 1 year Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore, India. 
Lady Medical Officer 1990 - 1992 2 years Lutheran General Hospital, Rajahmundry, AP, India 
Resident Gynaecologist and Obstetrician  1997 - 2002 5 years Church of South India, Rayalaseema Diocese, Mary Lott Lyles Hospital, Madanapalle, AP, India 
Consultant Gynaecologist 2002 - 2004 2 years 

The REACH Mission Hospital, Angallu, Chittoor District, AP, India

Popular Nursing Home, Madanapalle, AP, India 

Consultant Gynaecologist & Head of Dept. PMTCT Focal Person 2005 - 2007 


Dept. of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, General Hospital, Kafanchan, Kaduna, Nigeria 
Private Practice & School Health Officer 2007 - 2008 1 year American Christian Academy, Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria 
Asst. Professor, Dept of OG 2008 – 2010 2 years NRI Medical College, Guntur 


Total years experience after MBBS: 20 years


Internship, CMCH : 1 year

CMC, Vellore : 5 years

Mission Hospitals in India : 9 years

General Hospital, Kafanchan : 2 1/2 years


Competencies as Obstetrician and Gynecologist


  • All minor and major Obstetric procedures and surgeries – Electronic external and internal fetal monitoring, Obstetric forceps, vacuum extraction, destructive procedures, external cephalic version and internal podalic version, management of all obstetric emergencies, Neonatal resuscitation, neonatal ICU management, Caesarian Section - complications, Caesarian Hysterectomy, Management Acute inversion of uterus.


  • All minor and major Gynecological procedures and surgeries – Bilateral tubal ligation , Laparotomy for ruptured ectopic pregnancy, culdocentesis, Laparoscopic tubal ligation, Myomectomy, Total abdominal hysterectomy, Vaginal hysterectomy and pelvic floor repair, cycstocoel repair, Staging laparotomy and infra colic omentectomy for Ovarian Malignancy, Bowel and bladder injury repair.    


  • Independent handling of Diagnostic Laparoscopic equipment.


  • Diagnostic Hysterosalpingogram and Hysterosonosalpingogram.


  • All Obstetric and Gynecological Ultrasound scanning and Ultrasound guided procedures.


·        Anesthetic procedures like subarachnoid block and assisting General Anesthesia, management of surgical ICU.


  • Infertility diagnosis and treatment and follicular monitoring.


  • Teaching Post graduate doctors in Obs. and Gyn., MBBS students, General Nursing and Midwife trainees.


  • Conducting Perinatal Mortality and Maternal Mortality meetings.


  • Management of and training of all levels of Health Workers in Primary Health Care and community based Obstetrics settings.


Work done under the  Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT) Programme of General Hospital, Kafanchan, Kaduna State Ministry of Health, assisted by the UNICEF, ICAP and TCF.


Hospital Based work:


  • Interacting with hospital management, ICAP and TCF on a regular basis to maintain and upgrade the Programme into a PMTCT plus Programme.


  • Conducting monthly PMTCT meetings for all PMTCT staff including PMTCT doctors, staff nurses, ANC, Postnatal, Labor room, OR staff, Lab Scientists, Pharmacist, nutritionist, Medical records personnel, site Clinical advisor for ICAP, site Pediatrician for ICAP, and Social workers.


  • Established a full time side Laboratory for the PMTCT Programme in the Antenatal department for patients, Partners, older children and un booked patients in Labor room which improved patient uptake of VCT and patient tracking.


  • Established a HIV exposed infant follow up clinic which ensures immunization, PCP Prophylaxis, growth monitoring using a road to health card, infant feeding, regular check ups by site pediatrician etc.


  • Supervising EBMS (replacement feeding – infant feeding formula) supplied by TCF for mothers who opt for replacement feeding.


  • Introduced high calorie protein mix for infants from six months of age.


  • Forming linkages to ART Programme assisted by ICAP in the facility and ensures registration of all positive mothers and all new born infants exposed to HIV.


  • Monitoring day to day activities of all counselors and staff of the PMTCT Programme including staff nurses, lab scientists and social workers.


  • Introduced individual, post test counseling forms into the Programme. Designed a patient enrollment and tracking form.


  • Ensuring CD4 testing, clinic biochemistry, clinic pathology for all positive mothers and prescribing Anti Retro Viral Therapy.


  • Ensuring PCP prophylaxis, staging of HIV disease, family planning, partner VCT, older children VCT and Malaria prophylaxis in the antenatal women.


  • Introduced Community Based Followup and tracking of PMTCT patients by Health Workers


  • Assisted ICAP in the evaluation of General Hospitals in Kachia, Kagarko, Gwantu and Kwoi prior to introduction of PMTCT programmes.


  • Initiated the “Hope of glory” hospital based support group for PMTCT patients and their partners under TCF currently having a membership of 120 patients and partners with a governing body.


  • Attending monthly PMTCT coordinators meetings in held in Kaduna under the State PMTCT Coordinator.


  • Coordinated PMTCT referrals from ART Programme assisted buy ICAP, PHCs and other Govt. facilities like Child Welfare unit and also private institutions.


  • Monitoring all National PMTCT Registers maintained in the hospital. General ANC register, VCT Register, Labor room register, maternal follow-up register, child follow-up register and partner VCT register.


  •  Evaluation of the PMTCT Program on a weekly and monthly basis.


  • Data collection, compilation and furnishing the PMTCT statistics to the Ministry of Health, Kaduna State and all the other partnering agencies.


  • Attended all workshops and programmes conducted by ICAP, TCF, UNICEF, ABU Teaching Hospital, SACA and NACA in the facility.



Outreach work:


  • Organizing advocacy meetings with local Govts. and chiefdoms and religious bodies.


  • Conducted HIV workshops for orphans and widows in Kagoro chiefdom.


  • Conducted HIV awareness camps in market places in local villages.


  • Guest speaker on HIV awareness and sensitization and the role of the church in care and support of HIV AIDS patients in CAN meetings, DCCC meetings and women’s fellowship meetings, and Churches.


  • Guest Speaker on HIV awareness in various Youth Fellowship groups.


Achievements of the PMTCT Programme


  • 85% uptake of VCT in the ANC Programme by introducing and establishing individual pretest counseling, maintaining confidentiality and establishing a full time side laboratory.


  • 90% follow-up of all pregnant women, postnatal women and infants exposed to HIV in the PMTCT Programme.   


  • 90% intrapartum ARV prophylaxis by PMTCT personnel of the Programme.


  • 95% prophylaxis with ARV for newborns of positively tested mothers registered under the Programme.


  • Introduction of Partner VCT and older children VCT into the PMTCT/ANC Program.


  • Upgrading the PMTCT Program to a PMTCT Plus Program.


  • Establishing Community Based Outreach by Health Workers for patient tracking and followup in PMTCT Program




1. Role of Terbutaline in Intrapartum Fetal Distress. Study done during Diploma Course in Gynecology at the Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore, India. 1992 – 1944.

2. Lupus Anticoagulant in High Risk Obstetrics. MD Dissertation, Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore, India. 1994 – 1997.


Positions and Memberships Held


  • Site Obstetrician and Focal Person for PMTCT, Kafanchan General Hospital, Kaduna State


  • Member of the Management Committee, General Hospital, Kafanchan, Kaduna State


  • Member HIV Committee and Project Management team for HIV, General Hospital, Kafanchan, Kaduna State


  • Consultant Gynaecologist, Hospital NHIS Committee, General Hospital, Kafanchan, Kaduna State.


  • Consultant Gynaecologist, Hospital LSS (Life Saving Skills) Committee, General Hospital, Kafanchan, Kaduna State.


  • Member of Nigerian Medical Association, Kafanchan Branch, Kaduna State


  • Member of the Advisory Board, Kafanchan Catholic Diocese, St.Louis Hospital, Zonkwa, Kaduna State.


  • Advocate for “Grace and Light Ministries” a church based HIV sensitization and VCT, Care and Support Programme.


Workshops and Seminars attended.


  • PMTCT workshop conducted by UNICEF through ABU Teaching Hospital, October 30 to 31st 2005 held at the General Hospital, Kafanchan, Kaduna State.


  • PMTCT Counseling workshop conducted by Freedom Foundation - India through the Tulsi Chanrai Foundation – Nigeria, Nov 17th and 18th ,2005 held at the General Hospital, Kafanchan, Kaduna State,


  • 14th International Conference on  AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA), 4 – 9 December 2005, Abuja, Nigeria.


  • Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission Training at the General Hospital, Kafanchan, Kaduna State, February 13 – 17, 2006 (40 hours) conducted by Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health (ICAP) in association with USAID.


  • Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) at the General Hospital, Kafanchan, Kaduna State, April 4 - 8, 2006 (40 hours) conducted by Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health (ICAP) in association with USAID and CDC.


  • Opportunistic Infection Management Training held at the General Hospital, Kafanchan, Kaduna State, October 30 – November 4, 2006 (48 hours) conducted by Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health (ICAP) in association with USAID and CDC.


  • PMTCT (Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission) TOT Training for Satellite sites conducted by Harvard-PEPFAR (APIN-PLUS), College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, 15th-19th October 2007 



Dr. Anusha ( BDS )