Ruth Sigmon Memorial Lutheran Hospital

"Healing Through Christ"


Testimonies of Healing !



Ephraim . . .

Ephraim, a 25 year old young man from Ponnur about 40 KMs from Guntur, presented with acute urinary retention for 3 days. He was admitted in a corporate hospital and treated by an urologist and a neurologist after undergoing all investigations including an MRI scan. Though he had spent up to 20,000 rupees by then, there was no change in his condition. He was sent home with a catheter in place. God in His mercy prompted them to come to RSMLH though we were ill equipped to deal with such a case. However believing that God had a purpose for sending him to us, we prayed for healing. Ephraim confessed that he was once close to God but had drifted away from Him. AS we were not taking in patients at that time, we asked him to go home and visit the local hospital the next day to remove the catheter. His catheter was removed and since then he has been passing urine freely. Praise the Lord!

Khan And Shaheena . . .

Shaheena and Khan, a young Muslim couple presented with 7 years of infertility. On examination we found that it was impossible for her to have children due to old infections of the reproductive organs leading to complete obstruction of the fallopian tubes. We however assured her that the fruit of the womb is a gift from God and that nothing is impossible for Him. After sharing the good news of Jesus to the couple, we prayed for them. Within 2 weeks, Khan called up to say that Shaheena had missed her periods and a pregnancy test confirmed that she was indeed pregnant. Now she is about 30 weeks into her pregnancy. Praise God! 

Malli . . .

A 48 year old Hindu auto driver suffered with fever with duration of 50 days and spent Rs. 18000 in private hospitals. But the fever did not go down. He did not eat anything for 50 days. Another auto driver led him to the hospital and told him that this is a hospital based on prayer and healing through the blood of Jesus. After he came to our hospital, we prayed for him and gave him treatment. The same evening he went home and ate curd ride after 50 days. And now, he has put on 15 kgs. He is now attending church regularly. Praise the Lord! He believes in the existence of God and knows him as his savior and helper in times of trouble. He gave his testimony on the day of the 1st anniversary of the hospital. Praise God! 

Shanthi . . . 

Mrs. Shanthi, married for 10 years with no children, was referred to RSMLH by Dr. Sarala Elisha for prayer. After we prayed for her in the hospital, she conceived the same cycle. She delivered twin boys on the 7th of July weighing 2.6 and 2.5 kg. Both are well. Praise the Lord for DOUBLE BLESSINGS for the hospital and for Shanthi's family.


Shanthi is one of the many women with infertility who conceived only through prayer in RSMLH. We are waiting to see greater and greater blessings from The Almighty.