Ruth Sigmon Memorial Lutheran Hospital

"Healing Through Christ"



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                 I am Dr. Samson (MD in Community Medicine, CMC ,   Vellore, 1996) and my wife is Dr. Patricia Christina (MD, DGO, CMC Vellore, MBBS batch of 1984,completed MD in 1996)

                 We have been working in various mission hospitals in AP state since then. We have also been in remote parts of Nigeria for 5 years. Currently we are in Guntur, AP and have taken up a self motivated project to start a Christian hospital to reach quality health care to the under privileged and all others in need.

                 Guntur is one of the big cities of AP state with many villages around it. It is a hub for health care in the area. However the health care has become highly commercial and profit driven making it beyond the reach of many poor people. There is a need for ethical health care associated with education of the people in safe guarding health.

                 The Kugler (Mission ) Hospital in the town has closed down leaving a huge gap for the needy. There is a dire need for health care with a Christian perspective in this city as it is in other cities too.  We are also hoping to try  a health insurance plan (health security) for people living around the poverty line at least for tackling simple health problems which constitute almost 95% of today's ailments. We are both well qualified doctors with a desire for mission work.

                We however need some support and we would be very glad to have a partner in this enterprise. We would greatly appreciate your help and concern as you partner with us in this project. We will be able to reach out to the masses and provide physical as well as spiritual healing for the weak and the oppressed.