Ruth Sigmon Memorial Lutheran Hospital

"Healing Through Christ"

Our Mission Through Christ :

              The Ruth Sigmon Memorial Lutheran Hospital aims to deliver health care to all people through concern and love through the healing power of Christ.

             When people are encouraged from an early age to live right, eat right and think right, they will have freedom from doubt, anxiety, disease and untimely death. Knowledge, attitudes and practices empowered through the right awareness of God’s Plan for our lives will ensure a fruitful, productive and prolonged life in this world.

             Our time in this world may be 80 years if all goes well by God’s Grace. We should aim to live the years God gives us, free from disease and disability. We should be able to enjoy the world God created around us through all our senses till the day we die. However, there are situations we do not have control over. Times like that, we draw upon the promises of God and the fact that Jesus died on the Cross, taking onto his shoulders all our sins and our sicknesses, so that we have the freedom to live our lives in peace, joy and harmony, both in our internal environment ( our bodily functions and psyche) and our external environments ( physical and social ).

             Having a physical done once a year or multiple “scopys” after having led a dissipated life is not an answer. Current medical practice fills us with doubts, anxiety, fear and dread and we rush to get our intestines, stomach, liver, heart etc probed and examined to rule out any lurking disease,  this too at a high cost and considerable discomfort. How often is ideal, once a year? Once in 10 years, every six months?

            As Jesus said, the truth shall set you free. Yes, the truth of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross for us, the truth of salvation and the truth of the healing power of Christ shall set us free. Free to do what? To live right and to enjoy God’s World.

Here, at Ruth Sigmon Memorial Lutheran Hospital, we profess that Christ is the answer to all our health problems and through Him, we have hope.



              RSMLH invests in the empowerment of people so that they can take control of their own lives. People have the need to learn enough about their health so that they can take adequate precautions and appropriate care without being subject to various market oriented health care frauds. There is a need for a health programme which addresses issues of health promotion, prevention in addition to cure. If a person from an unhealthy residential locality repeatedly attends the Out patient service with infectious diseases like diarrheas or malaria, it would be mandatory at some point for the health professional to make an effort to help the patient make changes to his environment. Well meaning and ethical health care programmes have to keep disease prevention, health promotion, and early diagnosis of minor ailments and prompt cure with the appropriate drugs as their main guide.   



 To create a comprehensive health care programmes based on promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative principles for the people living in urban slums in Guntur city, emphasizing empowerment and health security.




1.    To establish a clinic with optimum facilities for providing health care with emphasis on women and children.


2. To establish an outreach programme to cover the whole population and provide the below:


3. Early registration of all pregnant mothers and ensuring 100% antenatal care (regular  checkups, basic investigations, prophylactic drugs and vaccinations, relevant health advice  and education on child care) 


4. Ensuring safe delivery in a well maintained hospital at minimum costs.


5. Ensuring full infant immunization, growth monitoring, care for minor ailments etc.


6. Ensuring health care for all under-five children in the community.


7.    Provision of health inputs to all patients with chronic illnesses and the elderly.


8. To provide counseling and health advice to all adolescent girls living in the  community.


9. Liaison with other Governmental and NGO facilities for availing health care resources    for the needy in the community. (Example: tuberculosis treatment, HIV care etc, pregnancy related complications and surgeries, cancers).


10.To provide educational inputs and career advice to all young people from the  community  in liaison with other like-minded individuals or organizations.