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Ruth Sigmon Memorial Lutheran Hospital 



Welcome to the official Web Site of  Ruth Sigmon Memorial Lutheran Hospital.

                             Located in the city of Guntur in the state of Andhra Pradesh of India, this hospital was started by a husband and wife team of health professionals with considerable experience, to provide cost effective comprehensive health care with emphasis on Healing from Christ for the masses. This hospital has been started in an old missionary bungalow situated in the Heyer Hall Compound of the Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church 

                             The Bungalow is about 100 years old. It was the place where the founding missionaries lived during their extensive work of building Churches, educational institutes and Hospitals.  The last of these missionaries of the AELC was the late Ms Ruth Sigmon. She served for 50 years among orphans and women in Guntur and the surrounding villages. The hospital has been named in her memory as she lived in this bungalow.

                             After she left, the bungalow was not used for any other purpose. Over the years, the Bungalow became highly dilapidated. The building needed extensive repairs and renovations.

                             It has been two and a half years since the hospital was started. During this time, basic medical facilities for an outpatient clinic and a few beds were established. We have been receiving positive results since the establishment. Patients have shown great interest in our unique method of physical, Spiritual and emotional healing. We hope to expand our mission as we grow every day with the help of the Healing power of Jesus. 

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